Wellness Committee & School Ambassadors

*All Committee Members are also Ambassadors for their assigned schools.
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LocationNameMember TypeEmail
LocationNameMember TypeEmail
Administration Tammy Hanna Committee Member* thanna@mansd.org 
Administration Jim Connors Committee Member* jconnors@mansd.org 
Administration Pamela Hogan Committee Member/Co-Chair* phogan@mansd.org 
Anthem Steph Ceccherini Committee Member, Anthem Health and Wellness Program Manager stephanie.ceccherini@anthem.com 
Bakersville Nancy Juneau Committee Member* njuneau@mansd.org 
Beech Pam Kisonak Committee Member* pkisonak@mansd.org 
Central Tara Haarlander Ambassador thaarlander@mansd.org 
Gossler Park    
Green Acres Melissa Rivet Committee Member* mrivet@mansd.org 
Hallsville Hayley Lane Committee Member* hlane@mansd.org 
Highland-Goffe's Falls Vanessa Eastman Committee Member* veastman@mansd.org 
Hillside Darlene Conley Committee Member* dconley@mansd.org 
Jewett Hayley Lane Committee Member* hlane@mansd.org 
McDonough Angelique Lippmann Committee Member* alippmann@mansd.org 
McLaughlin David Hedge Ambassador dhedge@mansd.org 
Memorial Jill Armstrong Committee Member* jarmstrong@mansd.org 
MST Shirley Nelson Committee Member* snelson@mansd.org 
MST Karen Machado Committee Member/Co-Chair* khanniganmachado@mansd.org 
Northwest Melissa McHugh Committee Member* mmchugh@mansd.org 
Northwest Kim Lubelczyk Committee Member* klubelczyk@mansd.org 
Parker-Varney George Doughty Committee Member* gdoughty@mansd.org 
Parkside Darlene Conley Committee Member* dconley@mansd.org 
Smyth Jack Oolders Committee Member* joolders@mansd.org 
Southside Angela Piotrowski Committee Member* apiotrowski@mansd.org 
Southside Melissa Feeley Committee Member* mfeeley@mansd.org 
The Lawson Group Deanna Havener Committee Member* dhavener@thelawsongroup.com 
Webster Celeste Grenon Committee Member* cgrenon@mansd.org 
West Patty Dwyer Committee Member* pdwyer@mansd.org 
Weston Robin Brun Committee Member* rbrun@mansd.org 
Wilson Kendzie Wohleben Committee Member* kwohleben@mansd.org 
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